Sunday, May 6, 2012

Discovering Your Hometown

As a young kid, I grew up in a small lakefront community in the southeast corner of Metro-Detroit. Before high school, my family relocated to a much larger, growing suburb further out from the city. It was quite a shock to go from a graduating class of 90 to a class of 900. But I survived.

I tell you this only because I now find myself back in that little community on the lake, raising my own family, and getting to know my hometown once again. Now I have a two year old daughter named Abbey in tow, and a husband who has to travel for his job.

What that really means is I have to get very creative with my time. It's just Abbey and I for as many as five days at a time, so if we don't find fun things to do, we're both going to be miserable after that first forty-eight hours ticks by.

Just this morning we had her two-year well-check appointment at Lakeview Pediatrics, where both my husband and I were seen as children. I even ran into one of my former pediatricians! How's that for getting to know your hometown again?

I love that it's a small network of wonderful doctors, nurses, and techs; and that we get to know each one. They really do make the experience that much better! So while I understand that a trip to the doctor is not much fun at all, and definitely not the most exciting kick-off for a blog, it really is essential to find a practice you love. If you're local to me, and looking to make a change, or perhaps have a new bundle on the way, I highly recommend this practice.

Once we got a clean bill of health, we high-tailed it over to the National Coney Island for some nice, good old-fashioned comfort food. I mean really, what soothes those just-got-a-shot nerves better than a hani and fries? Not much, my friend. And when I say nerves, I mean my nerves, of course. As usual, she handled it way better than I did.

With shots out of the way and the summer ahead of us, Abbey and I are hoping for lots of opportunities to be outside and explore our city and surrounding areas more. We will be getting our parks pass this weekend, and can't wait to put it to use at the lakefront parks.

We will be checking in here with lots of stories and pictures from our adventures as we truly do discover our hometown. Come back to look for recipes, fun at-home activities, and tips on trying to be a greener, healthier family as well! We look forward to seeing you around town, and around the web!

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